Thought of the day–7/27/2012 “Weekly Update” Week 1

Well hello out there, all you virtual peeps!  Okay, well, maybe you aren’t virtual, maybe that is me.  I guess it just depends on which side of this computer we are on, doesn’t it?  Anyways, enough with my loony ranting.  So I am FINALLY caught up with my thoughts of the day for this week, which I had to do because I was introducing new daily categories every day this week, and sadly, I missed Wednesday and Thursday, which I’m sure kept you guys on the edge of your seat in anticipation.  Am I right?  No.  Oh, okay then.  WHATEVER!

So it’s Friday, and as I mentioned a few weeks ago, my wife and I are going to start on Weight Watchers.  Now, I’ve done this diet before, but hopefully this time, the results will stick.  I guess if I can actually stick to it for longer than six months, that might happen.  That is why this is good for me.  Fridays will now be “Weekly Update” days, where I let you guys know how I did on my diet the previous week and how much weight I lost.  I will also post pictures so you guys can see for yourself.  This way, if I do bad, I know I will have you guys to answer to, and I will be embarassed, and I will be fat, and you know, it’s a vicious cycle and all.  Anyways, so yeah, Fridays will be diet update day.  But sadly, even though today is Friday, we haven’t started yet, so I guess my first real update will come next week.

So, until then, here is a picture to cheer you up!

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