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Thought of the day–8/30/2012 “Whatever”

What’s up, peeps? So, yesterday, I was cruising the internet, and I came across an interesting story involving some beloved Disney characters and the company Barney’s. Here’s a link:

Anyways, apparently, Barney’s decided that Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Goofy were too fat, and decided that if they were to model clothing from Barney’s they would need to look like some kind of cross between their original selves and the robots from the end of the movie “A.I.”, you know, the one with Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment?


Image: Disney


Image: Barneys

What I would like to know is this: Why did Barney’s and Disney feel the need to make to turn our beloved characters into some kind of futuristic alien freaks? In the article, they state that they wanted to make the characters look more life-like and realistic. Life-like? Realistic? Uh, now, I may not live in NYC, and I may have never been to a fashion show, but I don’t ever remember flipping through a magazine and seeing models who resembled the abominations that these characters have become. I mean, if you just glanced at them, they are barely recognizable! Did they have to be so extremely stick-like just to be fashionable? Is it not possible to be fasionable when you are fat? If your answer is no, then just feast your eyes on the following picture:


Now, Piggy looks pretty hot here if you ask me, and WOW! Look at that! They didn’t need to erase every ounce of fat from her body to make her that way! Come on, Disney! Are you guys not better than that? Nobody wants to see their favorite cartoon characters turned into some alien freaks, so I recommend that you go over your designs and try again. Good luck with that…




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Thought of the day–8/29/2012 “Fat People Shouldn’t” #6

So, it’s Wednesday, and you guys know what that means! It’s time for some more “Fat People Shouldn’t”!  Get ready to feast your eyes, because here you go!

“Fat People Shouldn’t” #6

Fat people shouldn’t wear revealing clothes without first asking the opinion of someone else.  Just because you think your shirt looks hot from the front doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks good in back.  Always ask someone you can count on for some truthful advice…and obviously, a boyfriend/husband isn’t the way to go.  That guy in the picture LET her walk out of the house like that.  A gay or bitchy friend is probably the way to go.  They’ll not only tell you how it is, but they’ll throw in a couple of snaps and a “Bitch, please!” for free.

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Thought of the day–8/28/2012- Tuesday “Rant Day”

Hey guys!  So, today is “Rant Day”, but to tell you the truth, it’s been getting harder and harder in the last few weeks to actually find something to rant about.  Well, I found something today, and I’m gonna share it with you…firstly, here is what I read, along with the link to the page:

“Fat People Suck by The King Posted 11.18.2003

I have a problem with fat people. Whenever I look at someone
who is obese I get this bottled up rage inside of me. Don’t
ask why or how. It just happens. Nothing makes me more sick
than seeing a fat person with a positive self-image about
themselves. When fat people think they’re cool or the shit I
get this uncontrollable aggression where I want to rip them
limb from limb. The kind where you just walk up and punch
them right between their squinty “fat” eyes. I have come to
realize that there are several different types of fat
people. Now don’t get me wrong. I would never want to
stereotype fat people, however, here is a list of how all
fat people are. Each fat person has at least one of these
characteristics in them:

1. The Social Fat Guy – This is the guy who tries to be the
life of the party. The guy in the Hawaiian buttoned down
dress shirt that’s not tucked in. These guys are very eager
to fit in. If you ever need some quick cash ask to borrow
money from them. They will never ask to be paid back in
fear that it might upset you.

2. Fat Person With A Crush – This is the person (usually
female) who tries to get attention by making it very public
who they have a crush on. Whether the crush involves
someone they actually know or a celebrity they act like
they are madly in love with them (Think Rosie O’Donnel and
Tom Cruise before she turned dyke). They tend to flirt very
heavily with guys way out of their league.

3. The Fat Friend – This is the very sensitive fat person with
lots of friends of the opposite sex. The majority of these
friendships form out of pity. I happened to see two
different occasions of this at lunch today. This obese guy
was eating with two girls obviously out of his reach. Same
with this huge fat bitch who sat down at this guy’s table
and made him eat with her. They were only one table apart
and I couldn’t help but think, “These two would make the
perfect couple”. Another classification commonly used for
these type of obese individuals is called the “Great
Personality Friend”.

4. The Fat Person In Denial – These are normally males who
still hold the notion that they are big-boned or never lost
their baby fat. They just don’t understand…but we do.

5. The Fat Girl Who Wears Skinny Girls Clothing – This is by
far the most troubling characteristic a fat person could
carry. Some fat females take it upon themselves to push the
limits. They like to wear tube tops, short skirts, and
other skimpy clothing that reveals their abnormally sized
body. The epitome of this is when a girl wears a shirt that
shows her belly button ring while simultaneously showing
every fucking cupcake and hoho this girl has eaten in her
life. If looking at her doesn’t repulse you enough just
remember girls like this are scientifically known to carry
more STD’s. They also tend to wear pants so tight that the
little flap on the front flips over and you can see every
notch of the zipper holding on for dear life before it
explodes at the seam.

6. The “On A Diet” Fat Person – This is the type of fat person
who orders two Super-Sized Big Mac’s with cheese, large
fries, and a large diet coke. They claim to be on a diet
yet you never notice a difference in their appearance. They
order a salad for lunch and then consume 5,365 calories at
dinner alone.

If you see a fat person, your best option is to remind them
how fat they are at least twice a day. Destroying their
self-confidence and ridiculing them is a very productive
weight loss technique in which you are actually helping them
in the long run. Keep in mind that fat people also think it’s
funny when you mumble under your breath when they order their
meals. Just make sure you avoid any sympathy directed towards
them because it’s their own damn fault they’re fat plus it
will encourage them to stay fat.”

This was found at:

Okay, so generally, I wouldn’t post someone else’s FULL post, but there didn’t really seem to be any bit of that hate that I could cut out.  So, my first problem with this person and this type of thinking is that for some reason, this guy, (along with A LOT of others), believe that for whatever reason, if you are overweight, you should not be allowed to like yourself, have fun, have friends, or have a positive self-image.  Secondly, he says that he would never want to stereotype someone, yet he has already done this in the previous sentence saying that fat people have “squinty” eyes.  I’m fat, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have “squinty” eyes.  And does he hate everyone of asian decent too, due to their eye shape?  And gosh, he must REALLY hat fat asians…fatassed AND squinty-eyed…a double whammy!

I read through this guy’s six descriptions of fat people, trying to decide which one I am, (you know, since I’m fat, I couldn’t possibly be my own person).  I have decided that I am actually a mix of two of them, the “Social Fat Guy”, and “The Fat Friend”, with possibly a bit of the “‘On A Diet’ Fat Person”.   I do wear the unbuttoned, untucked shirts, and I do strive to fit in, yet I also have a lot of female friends, many of whom might be considered to be “out of my reach”.  I’m also on a diet. 

I guess the thing that I have to wonder with people who think this way is “Why?”  What could make someone harbor so much hate towards a person with a certain body type that they want to “rip them limb from limb”?  Is it that fat people are deemed lazy?  If anything, I think fat people are the least lazy of everyone!  I mean, why don’t you carry around an extra 100lbs, 200lbs, or even more, and see how it affects your daily life.  I guarantee that you wont walk around the same or run to the gym to work out quite as often.  And he complains that fat people eat SO much…well, yeah, they do.  But you know what?  Firstly, it’s their right to eat as much or little as they like, and secondly, do you not eat more after a long day of exercise?  Because let’s face it, when you are carrying around an extra 200lbs + (as I am), EVERY day is a long day of exercise.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t do additional workouts or exercise, because I do.  But until you find yourself carrying around that much extra baggage all day, EVERY day, you just couldn’t even imagine.  And then there is the argument to just lose weight.  Well, yeah, that would be nice wouldn’t it.  I mean, if I lost 2lbs. a week (the recommended maximum to lose per week), well, let’s see…it would take me two years to go get down to my goal weight.  2 YEARS!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to do it, and that I’m not trying, but seriously, you can’t just say, “Why don’t you just lose weight?”, because it’s not that easy, and it doesn’t just happen overnight.  And the fact that you might see a fat person eating out DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT ON A DIET!  I mean, I am currently on Weight Watchers, but do you think that in the next two years that it takes me to lose my weight that I am NEVER going to eat a fattening meal?  That I will NEVER eat McDonalds or Cheddars, or mexican, or pizza?  I mean, yeah, to lose weight, you have to have determination, but you can’t expect a person to subsist entirely on salad for two years.  It is just impossible.  And finally, his last comment, that you should never give any compassion or sympathy to someone overweight, and that you should tear them down and destroy all of their self-confidence, because yeah, that is how you should treat another human being.  I just hope that someday, this guy gets back what he gives.  It just blows my mind that someone would feel like he does and think that it’s ok. 

Anyways, I guess that’s all.  I just hope that for those of you who are out there reading this who share the opinion of the guy who smeared his hate all over the internet, you can step back and realize how hard it is to be fat and how hard it is to change.  And realize that it is okay to be happy.  Some people have no problem being fat, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Yes, maybe it causes additional health issues, but sometimes it doesn’t.  And you know what?  It may take me two years to lose enough weight to reach my goal, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be happy with who I am until then.  I mean, I could walk outside and be hit by a bus tomorrow, so shouldn’t I live every day to the fullest and live happy with who I am? 

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Fat People Problems #30

Feel free to repost these anywhere, guys, but try to link them back to here if you can!

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Fat People Problems #29

Feel free to repost these anywhere, guys, but try to link them back to here if you can!

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Fat People Problems #28

Feel free to repost these anywhere, guys, but try to link them back to here if you can!

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Fat People Problems #27

Feel free to repost these anywhere, guys, but try to link them back to here if you can!

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Fat People Problems #26

Feel free to repost these anywhere, guys, but try to link them back to here if you can!

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Fatass in a skinny car: A buyer’s dilemma

Hey guys!  What’s up?  Happy Sunday to you!  So, first, some exciting news:  This post, you know, the one you are reading right this very minute, is post number 50!  I can’t believe I’ve written for 50 days!  It sure doesn’t feel like it.  So, with that said, let’s get right into it.

As some of you might know, recently, my wife and I bought a new car.  I had a Trailblazer, which I loved, but I drive a lot for my job, plus we live out in the middle of nowhere, so driving a car that required two fill-ups a week seemed to not be such a smart idea.  After a bit of discussion, we decided to go in search of the perfect car, one that was gas efficient, comfortable, and most importantly, could fit our fat asses. 
Now, for most people, buying a new car is a relatively simple process.  You go out, pick a car you want, test drive it, haggle over the price, then buy the thing.  For a fatass, the process is a little more difficult.    Like I said, this go around, the wife and I decided to buy an actual car, instead of an SUV.  In general, I think fatasses should stick to SUV’s.  I mean, they are higher off the ground, which means that instead of working against gravity to pull your fat butt out of the car, you can just kinda roll out, letting the properties of physics work their magic.  They have more space, which is a must have for any person who can’t look straight down and see their toes, or who happen to be taller than average.  Plus, they’re big.  Trust me, when you’re the size of a baby elephant, anything that will make you look smaller is a definite plus.  But sometimes, sadly, the economy fails faster than a flimsy foldout chair under my 400lb. ass, gas prices shoot through the roof, and instead of sitting comfortably like I had planned, I am thrown to the cold, hard ground of reality, wondering how best to recover.  On the bright side, the ailing economy also offered us the ability to get a really low-interest loan, so there’s that, I guess. 
After searching the internet for a while, I had decided that I definitely wanted to look at the Nissan Altima.  It was a sleek looking car, looked pretty roomy online, and the price wasn’t horrendously high.  My wife wanted us to look at a Honda, as she drives a Honda CRV and is now a Honda die-hard if ever there was one.  The thing is, I was a little hesitant when it came to getting a Honda.  You see, her car, the CRV is an “SUV”.  I put it in quotation marks because an SUV it definitely is not.  A compact SUV, maybe, but jeez.  Now, as we know, I am about 6’2”, and I have a jelly belly that would put old Saint Nick to shame.  Me and this CRV just don’t get along.  Crystal, (my wife), drives most of the time when we are together because she is prone to carsickness, which is fine with me because I don’t really like to drive.  But riding in her car is never a good experience.  When I sit in the passenger’s seat, my knees are so smashed into the dash it’s like they are trying to meld with the car and I have to lay my seat back so far just to sit comfortably that it looks like I’m always trying to take a nap while she’s driving.  When I do get to drive, good Lord, it’s even worse.  Again, I have to lay the seat back, but the steering wheel still touches the tops of both of my thighs and if we got in an accident, not only would the wheel smash my manhood into oblivion, the airbag would push through my chest so hard that my manboobs would end up in the back seat.  And speaking of the back seat, I don’t even go there because, #1: I couldn’t buckle the seat belts back there if I had a gun to my head, and #2:  I wouldn’t need a seat belt anyways because my legs would be so wedged into the seat in front of me that I wouldn’t be going anywhere in an accident.  I guess you can’t judge every car a company makes with your experience of just one, but I figured that if I couldn’t even fit comfortably into an SUV made by Honda, there was NO way I would possibly fit into one of their cars.
So on our first few days of car-shopping, we browsed a bunch of different lots, looking at all kinds of cars.  Like I said, with fat people, car shopping gets a little more complicated.  We had to find a car where I would be comfortable in the driver’s seat, the passenger’s seat, and the back seat.  I needed to be able to buckle the seat belts in all of the above, plus, since we will probably be having kids before too long, we needed to be able to fit a rear-facing car seat behind me in whichever seat I was sitting in.  I also needed to be able to have an adult sit behind me in whichever seat I was in.  Plus, I didn’t need to have the top of my head smashed into the ceiling in any of the seats in which I was required to sit.  Quite a few requirements, and trust me, it’s hilarious to see the look of distress in a salesman’s eyes when you rattle of this list of requirements.  You know that inside, they are sighing and thinking, “Great…another customer from Hell…”  We test-drove a Hyundai Sonata (ok, but a little tight in all areas), a Toyota Camry (I liked it but my wife didn’t), and we also looked at a Dodge Charger.  Now, this was a car!  The inside was huge, the car was freakin’ amazing, and this particular one had a really good price…then, we saw how many mpg’s it got.   It was no better than my Trailblazer, so after telling myself that it would be stupid to trade one gas hog for another, we drove to the next lot to see what they had to offer.   
Here, I finally got to see a Nissan Altima.  They had a really great black one with a super nice leather interior, and I got really excited, thinking we had found our next car.  So, before I could even get in to test drive the thing, I had to look and see how I could maneuver my way into the car without hitting the car next to us with the door.  I mean, have you seen how close together they park those things?  I almost laughed when the guy was like, “Yeah, get on in and see if you like it!”, because I was trying to debate whether I should ask him to move it first or just suck in my stomach and hope for the best.  I decided on option #2, wrapping my hand around the edge of the door where it came in contact with the car next to us.  Well, it was a waste of time, to say the least.  After contorting like some kind of circus performer to try to get in, I didn’t even need to test drive it or sit in any other seats to see if it would work.  It was another case of groin-mashing steering wheel, and I did my best to get out of the car without either ruining the paint-job on the car next to us or flashing my ass crack to everyone in the lot.  So, after being failed by the car that I loved, I finally gave into Crystal and decided it was time to check out a Honda. 
The salesman took us over to the section that had all of the shiny new Civics and Accords, and I had to admit, they were nice.  Since the Civics were cheaper, we made the salesman start there, and I climbed into one, actually pleasantly surprised by the roominess in the driver’s side.  We test drove the car, and both Crystal and I really liked it, not to mention it got about a bajillion miles per gallon, but we had a slight problem…there was no way in Hell that we would get a rear-facing car seat, much less another adult human being in the back seat behind us.  So, we climbed out of the Civic, and walked over to the Accords.  Now, the Accord is a nice car, but they are definitely a little pricey.  Truly, though, after climbing into the Accord and test driving it, I didn’t care.  THIS was the car.  I had plenty of room in all of the seats, had no problem with any of the seat belts, there was tons of room in the back, and the ceiling of the car was a good 6 inches above my head!  I don’t know how Honda makes a car that is bigger than its SUV, but somehow, the Accord is just that, not to mention that I get between 350-400 miles per tank of gas, which is more than double what I got in the Trailblazer.
So yeah, my wife was right (as usual), and we got a 2011 Honda Accord.  It was a bit more money than we wanted to spend, but in the end, comfort won out.  I have only two complaints with this car; #1: the part of the seat belt where it buckles digs into my love handle when I’m driving, and #2: my shirt ALWAYS sticks to the seat, so I am constantly showing my ass to the world whenever I get out of the car, but hey, if those are the worst things about it, then I guess that’s alright.
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Thought of the day–8/24/2012 “(Shrinking) Fatass in a skinny world” Diet: Week 4

Hey there!  What’s up, guys?  So, as most of you regular readers know, last week on update day, my scale and I had a little disagreement as to how much I weighed, so I locked it in the dark closet to spend the rest of its days.  Well, yesterday, I went out and bought a new one, and sadly, it worked perfectly.  I say sadly, because it weighed me properly and showed me that my other scale had been lying right to my face.  Good thing I got rid of it.  It’s not good to keep a liar around, know what I mean?  Never can believe a thing they say.  Anyways, I guess my weight has been more than I thought this whole time (though not TOO much more), so anyways, here is a REAL update.

Diet: Day 22-

Current (Real) weight: 409

Clothing size: Pants-52-54, Shirt-5xl (still no change)


Left Bicep: 19in (up 1 in)
Right Bicep: 19in (same as last week)

Left Thigh: 33in (down 1.5 in.)
Right Thigh: 33in (down 2 in.)

Stomach: 66in (same as last week)

Man-Boobs: 56in (down 2in.)

Lost weight in some REALLY random places this week!

Anyways, here’s the pictures (this week on left, week 1 on right):


So, I may have been depressed because my scale was broken and I actually weighed about 10lbs more than I thought I did, especially after I literally worked my ass off to lose weight this week, but after looking at the pictures, I feel better.  It’s obvious that I’ve lost weight, so I’m content.  Anyways, that’s all for now, so I guess I’ll see you guys on Sunday for my “Big” post!  You guys have a great weekend and don’t forget to like my fanpage at and follow me on Twitter @nickntallent84!


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