Thought of the day–8/14/2012 Tuesday Rant

Hello all of you beautiful peoples!  It’s a beautiful day for a rant, so let’s not delay!

My rant today has to do with some comments that were made to me about my blog this past weekend.  I know a couple of people who seem to be against the very idea of this blog, even though they themselves claim not to have read it.  I’m not sure exactly what their hang-up is…are they offended by the cursing in the blog?  I hope not, as they curse themselves, and it would be very hypocritical of them to be angry about that.  Do they think that I am making fun of fat people?  Or maybe they think I am making fun of thin people?  Either way, they are right.  I am critical of EVERYONE.  Fat, thin, tall, short, old, young…if you are a human being, I will probably mention you in this blog at some point.  I don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone else, and when it comes to this blog, everyone will be treated the same.  The thing is, maybe they are offended that I am concentrating on problems and situations that are common to overweight people, and not talking about skinny people problems too.  There was even a comment made by one of these people that she gained a bit of weight once and no one ever treated her different.  Well, I’m sure that she still weighed within a normal range, and I told her to add an extra 200lbs. to that and see if people still treated her the same.  She replied that people always give her a hard time because she is skinny, saying she is sick/has AIDS, whatever.  I told her that if she had actually READ my blog, she would see that I actually discussed the problems that thin people have in a past post, and if she had such problems in life, she should start a blog of her own.  Besides, I am fat.  I am not thin.  I am not going to blog about something I know nothing about.  I wanted to bring to light the unspoken taboo of the fatass world.  It seems to me that no one wants to talk about what it is like to be fat, or discuss the problems that fat people have to deal with on a daily basis.  Everyone wants to cure it, though.  No one has ever hesitated to tell me to go on a diet, or go exercise more, or quit eating, as if those things would instantly cure me and make my life so much better.  The thing is, there is more to me than my weight.  How do you think that makes me, or any other fatass out there, feel?  Not many people are able to see past the weight.  I mean, do you think that it makes me feel good when all I hear is the negative comments, and no one ever just thinks I should just be happy with who I am?  Would it be better if I go through life always depressed with who I am, always pining for what I could be?  If you think that, go somewhere else.  I don’t want your opinion.  Anyways, these certain people continue to argue about my blog, when, like I said, they claim not to have even read it.  How can they complain if they haven’t read it?!  They have no idea what it is about if they haven’t read it, all they are doing is making assumptions about it, and you know what they say about assuming.  I just think that it would be like this:  One of them walks in, saying they just wrote a book and they want me to read it and tell them what I think.  They hand me the book, I look at it, read the title, then toss it back to them and tell them that it sucks, I don’t like it, and I don’t agree with what it says.  How exactly could I discern that from the title alone?  I couldn’t, and the same thing goes for them.  They can’t make a decision about this blog one way or the other if they haven’t read it.  So, for the two of you, here is my response to your argument:  Until you have read at least ten of my posts, keep your opinions to yourselves.  I don’t care if you discuss this amongst yourselves, if you discuss it with others, whatever, just don’t talk to me about it, because I don’t want your uneducated opinion.  Just shut up, grow up, and get over it.  That is all.

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