Decent clothes for fatties? I don’t think so!

Today, I want to rant a little.  Can you guys handle that?  I’m hoping the answer is “yes”.  Anyways, as most of you guys with any functioning senses can tell, winter is definitely on its way.  Like most fatties, this is good for me, and bad.  I love winter because: A) No more pesky heat rash on my thighs for a few months, and B) I won’t look like I just climbed out of the shower because I have so much sweat rolling off of me due to the 186 degree heat.  While these things are nice, there is also the fact that the cooler weather requires a different set of clothes.  Now, I’m not saying I don’t have any winter clothes, because I do, but let’s face it, they are the same ones I’ve been wearing year after year, and I’m sick of them.  I went this weekend to Kohl’s, which is usually where I get a lot of my new clothes.  They’re usually pretty cheap, and I can pretty much always find some clothes that are my style.  The thing is, I’m tired of my style.  I’m sick of button-up shirts with a plain tee underneath.  I mean, I’ve been wearing nothing but this style for years!  I want to wear something that is stylish and that looks good, but the fact is, for people my size, it’s pretty impossible to find a piece of clothing that fits this criteria.  I mean, even when you go to a site like, (which is another place that gets a lot of my money), you see pretty much the same old thing, and not to mention, for a store that caters to big and tall men, you would think they could get a model that weighs more than 180lbs.  I mean, on what planet is that big? This is the biggest guy I could find on the website:

I guess I’m just gonna have to lose weight in order to wear the clothes I want.  I’m all for fat acceptance, and I think that it should totally be an individual’s choice as to whether they want to try to diet and lose weight.  I’m just sick of being the way that I am and I think it’s time I finally get serious.

I’m tired of this. I want something different!




Something like this maybe? Image:

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