Enough is enough!

Hey guys.  Today’s post is gonna be kinda serious, so I decided to go ahead and warn you now in case you came here looking for something funny.   So, I was trolling Tumblr this morning, looking for something funny to write about, and I have to say, it is pretty depressing.  I searched the keywords “fat” and “problems”, hoping to find some funny pictures of fat animals, or funny things that people have written (similar to my Fat People Problems, maybe?), or possibly just some pictures of Rebel Wilson being Rebel Wilson.  That girl could do no wrong.  Anyways, while I did find some of these, you know what I found more of?  Pictures of extremely thin girls talking about how fat they looked today.  Pictures of scars and bleeding wounds from where people had cut themselves because they felt so horrible about who they were.  Posts about how they felt so sick because they ate a meal that they spent the next few hours making themselves throw up.  Things like this just make me so sad, and it is even more sad that we have driven ourselves to this.  Is obesity so horrible that it is better to do this ———->

than to eat or gain weight?  I mean, I know this is cause by some sort of mental and/or psychological problem.  But I hate that this exists because of how negative being fat is in our society.  I hate that people would rather cut the word “fat” into their skin (as a constant and everlasting reminder to quit eating) than to be overweight.  And look at this girl.  She is not at all fat.  If anthing, I would say that she is overly skinny, just judging from what I can see.  This is what comes from those people out there who think that it is okay to stigmatize fat people in order to get them to lose weight.  Do you think that the person in that picture is more healthy than someone who is 100lbs overweight?  I can guarantee she is not.  Her body may look better from the outside, but if she is not eating or is throwing up on a regular basis, then she is certainly not anymore healthy than someone who is overweight.  And the thing is, she is not the only one.  There are hundreds of posts like this on Tumblr, as well as on other sites, including Pinterest.  It just seems to me that instead of just focusing on how horrible obesity is, we should focus on how it is viewed by society as a whole, and work on that image.  Take smoking, for example.  It is another highly stigmatized activity, very commonly compared to obesity.  The thing is, however you want to compare them, they are completely different.  I’ve never seen someone yell names out the window at a smoker walking down the road.  I’ve never heard “smoker” jokes like I’ve heard “fat” jokes.  I’ve never seen someone put stickers of  smokers on their truck like this —->

I mean, you don’t see smokers carving “oxygen” into their skin, do you?  No.  So, whether you want to admit it or not, they are different.  In the end, yes, maybe they both affect us the same way, ie: raising healthcare costs, etc.  But there is a certain point-blank and completely acceptable hatred when it comes to being obese, and we really need to change how we view this disease, or medical disorder, or whatever you want to call it.  At the end of the day, whether you weight 100 lbs or 1000, we are all people and we all deserve to be treated that way.  If you think that someone is fat due to them constantly stuffing their face all day, every day, why would you treat them any worse than you would treat a drug addict or a smoker?  Would you put a sticker on your car that says “Don’t blame me…I didn’t hand you the bag of meth”?  Or “Don’t blame me…I didn’t hand you a pack of cigarettes”?  If not, why would you put one that says “Don’t blame me…I didn’t feed your fat ass”?  Why is that viewed as ok?  Why is obeseity viewed with so much more hatred than those things?  Why is it so hard to see that regardless, a person is a person and deserves respect?  Enough is enough.

So, now I will step down off my soapbox and give you pictures of a fat cat, a funny card, and of course, Rebel Wilson.  Enjoy! 🙂



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