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Hey guys!  What’s up?  So, today, I was gonna do some “Fat People Problems”, but you know what?  The five problems that I wrote today are out in the car, and I am SO not about to get my fat ass off this couch and walk out there and get them.  So, hopefully you will get them tomorrow, but until then, I want to share with you a few cool blogs thata I have found tonight, most of which will probably end up on a blogroll on the site here soon (thanks for the suggestion, Nicole W.)

My favorite that I’ve found tonight is called “My Fat Guy Problems”, found at  This guy is pretty real and is really funny.  His site is dedicated to his weight-loss journey, although he also posts about random other things that will definitely have you laughing, so go now and check him out!

A second is called “Axis Of Fat”, and is located at and discusses a lot of different topics in the category of fat acceptance.  This is a more serious blog, but they have some cool stuff.

The last one I’m gonna share with you today is called “Fat Lot Of Good”, and is, sadly, no longer being updated.  The woman who writes it has started a new blog, but this one still has some really good stuff.  It is at

Hope you guys go and visit these blogs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.  And if you guys have some blogs that you know of that you enjoy, fat-related or not, share them with me!  I’m always looking for good stuff to read!

See you guys tomorrow, hopefully with some new “Fat People Problems”!

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Do you even care?

Hey guys!  So, today, I want to rant a little and also share some thoughts with you.  Firstly, I am starting to get slightly disappointed in this blog.  When I first started, back in the summer, I felt like I was running at full force…I was full of material to write about, I was excited and getting feedback from others, and every day, I was getting new comments and new likes on my Facebook fanpage.  Flash forward to today.  I checked my blog today and had nine comments.  While that seems like it would be great, it wasn’t.  You see, all nine of those comments were spam.  As have been every single comment since I actually moved my blog to its own dedicated site.  I have now gotten more spam comments than real comments, and truthfully, it’s pretty depressing.  I mean, I had hopes that when I started this blog, it would be a place for my friends as well as others who just happened to wander across the site to laugh with me and share their own stories.  And while I have gotten some great support from some people, I am just starting to feel like no one is really interested and maybe I’m just wasting my time.  I don’t know.  I mean, I know that my blog is very young, and I can’t expect much to begin with, but I was at least expecting a little more support and input from my friends and family.  And maybe it’s just because I’m not interesting anymore.  I don’t know.  I just can’t really decide whether I want to continue to go along this path anymore.  The thing is, part of my plan with this was to share other people’s stories as well as my own, and how can I do that if no one wants to tell me their thoughts?  I don’t know.  I guess that’s all.  What do you guys think?  Should I continue?  Would you care if I quit?  Would anyone?

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Thought of the day–7/03/12

So, a really good friend of mine gave me my thought for today. He’s a really thin guy who eats normally, but still has a really small build. Talking to him today, he mentioned that it’s really hard for him to find clothes, mainly because he is either drowning in something way too huge or struggling to wear some little five year old’s jacket. So for all of you reading this, leave me a comment about a common problem you run into, whether you are a fatass or a skinny bitch! If I like your story, I’ll try to work it into my next major post. Thanks guys, and I hope to hear tons of stories!

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