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“It’s That Time Of Year Again”

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“Fat People Shouldn’t” #22

What up, amigos?  Glad to see you back again today, and hopefully you’ll get a laugh at today’s “Fat People Shouldn’t”!


So, you ever had one of those days?  You know the type of days that I mean…you’re walking all day, and you’re so tired and worn out, and suddenly, like an oasis in the middle of the desert, there is a seat?  That’s what happened to this lady!  And you know why?  It’s because of those terrible shoes!  She really needs to go through her closet and get rid of those things.  I mean, really.  Really.




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“Fat People Problems” #105

Feel free to repost these anywhere, just try to link them back here!

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“Fat People Problems” #104

Feel free to repost these anywhere, just try to link them back here!

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“Fat People Problems” #102

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“Fat People Problems” #101

Feel free to repost these anywhere, just try to link them back here!

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Hey guys!  So, last week, I didn’t post at all.  Some of you may be wondering what the deal is, seeing as I was a slacker the week before that as well.  Well, it’s not that I’ve run out of steam, I’ve just been super busy.  Last week, I decided to open up an Etsy business (A Touch Of Tallent), and I was working on getting everything set up.  The store doesn’t have anything in it yet, but you can visit my Facebook page at

Anyways, I’ve pretty much got it all worked out now, so hopefully we will get everything back on track.  So, that’s that!  Check back for some “Fat People Problems”! Thanks, guys!

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“The Ripped Jeans Conundrum”

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“Fat People Shouldn’t” #21

You guys know what time it is!!! “Fat People Shouldn’t” time!  Yep, and I’ve got a good one for you today!


Now, as a fat guy myself, I feel as though you should always be careful when going out without certain articles of clothing.  My skin doesn’t see the direct sunlight too often, and you gotta take care of that skin!  This guy…well, it’s obvious he doesn’t share my concern.  He’s out and about in his Friday night, club-hoppin’ best, and look at that tan skin!  Somebody get this guy some sunblock!  At least he’s got on some sunglasses though…gotta protect those eyes too!


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Is your child a fatass? Their school probably thinks so…

Is your child fat?  If their school thinks so, you’ll know soon enough!  Hey guys…so yesterday, I heard a story about a school that sent home letters to some of the parents with children in their school saying that the children were obese.  Here’s the link:

I have a few thoughts about this, so let me share them with you.  My first thought when hearing this story was this:  Why is the school doing this?  What concern is it to them whether or not the child is obese?  If they are, (which, since they are only judging by BMI and taking nothing else into consideration, most of these kids are probably only overweight, at most), does the school think that the parents don’t know?  I just can’t understand this whole situation.  Schools are a place to send your children to learn, or at least they used to be.  Anymore, there are constantly stories about making school lunches more healthy, and getting the kids more exercise, and I even read a story about some schools making the kids sit on yoga balls instead of chairs at their desks, because it “helps” them pay better attention.  I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine paying attention to anything but the pain in my back after hours of sitting on a yoga ball and having absolutely no back support.  I just don’t feel that it is the school’s place to worry about the body mass of their students.  Well, unless they think that the student is not being fed at home, in which case it becomes an abuse/neglect situation.

I just think that this opens the door to more bullying from other students, along with bashing the self-esteem of the students who received the letters.  Can you imagine how it would feel to have your school send a letter home saying that you’re fat?  Looking at your school nurse, your teacher, your principal, and knowing that they think you are obese?  That, along with the fact that other kids would make a big deal of the situation.  Picture this:  A slightly overweight kid is walking down the hall, and is pushed down by a gang of bullies.  “Hey fatass!  Did you get a letter?  Bet you did, your titties are bigger than my mom’s!”  This is just another form of discrimination for people who are overweight, and now, not only are they going after adults (more info about employment healthcare based on BMI to come later in the week), they are now going after kids, too.  Is it healthy to be fat?  Not always.  Is stigmatizing fat people to the point where their lives are miserable at every turn going to help the “obesity epidemic”?  Hell no.  You know what?  If someone is fat, get over it.  Until you start walking down the street slapping every smoker, or running every person who is texting while driving off the road, or throwing every drug addict into the sewers to live where you think they belong, mind your own damn business.  It is nobody’s business but mine that I am fat.  My obesity is in no way impairing your health, so get over it.  Do you want to sit next to me on the bus because I take up a bit more space than some skinny person?  No, maybe not.  But I don’t wanna sit next to the guy who poured on half a bottle of cologne, either, but sometimes, you gotta do some things that you find unpleasant.  If that random fat person in McDonalds is not impairing YOUR health, then grow up and get over it.  And please…spare me the “well, my taxes are paying for the healthcare of all those obese people!”  arguement.  MY taxes are paying for a whole hell of a lot that I don’t agree with, so, I’m sorry, that arguement is invalid.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts.  What do you guys think?  Go read the story and leave me a comment and let me know!

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